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Wow! It feels like it has been forever since I’ve added any new content to The Backpack Guide. To those who may have been anxiously awaiting new gear reviews, trail info, or trip reports, I sincerely apologize. It has been a spring of transitions, and if you’re interested in what I’ve been up to, I invite you to check out the shared personal blog I keep with my beautiful partner. It’s called Slow Life Guides

If you didn’t even notice I was gone and you’re just stumbling upon this new post at random, then welcome. In this article, I’m going to be introducing this thing called PrintShop and taking you guys through the story of how I created my own custom Chacos for a full summer of guiding on Lake Tahoe! 


Side note: Once you’ve learned how you can make your own Custom Chacos, be sure to investigate the articles in my Hiking Tips and Trails section. Check out my Outdoor Gear page for reviews on water filters, tents, hiking shoes, trekking poles, and more. Also, you might enjoy my Backpack Reviews if you’re in need of a new pack, which include brands like Kelty, REI, and Gregory. Finally, my YouTube Channel is full of informative video content if you’re not really into reading! I do receive a commission on purchases made through the affiliate links on this website. Those earnings go directly back into my efforts to produce more informative content for my readers!

About PrintShop

The Chaco PrintShop allows you to customize your very own pair of adventure sandals. But that’s not all you can customize via this option. In addition to sandals, Chaco gives you options for customizing belts, wrist straps, dog leashes, and dog collars. Because I only have experience designing a pair of custom sandals, that’s the area I’ll focus on in the rest of this blog. 

When I first signed on, I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed by all the options. I wouldn’t call myself a designer (by any stretch of the imagination), so it took me a little while to wrap my head around all the features and options I had to choose from. The first choice I had to make was the type of sandal I wanted to customize. I’ve always had Chacos with a toe loop, so I opted for the Men’s Z/2 Sandal with single strap and toe loop. 

Print Shop Home Screen

How to Use PrintShop

After I picked the type of sandal I wanted, I was redirected to the next screen, which gave me options to customize each of the specific elements of those sandals. I had never really thought about all of the different parts of Chaco sandals until I arrived on this screen. You’ll have the opportunity to customize the following elements of your Chacos: main strap, heel leash, heel riser, buckle strap, buckle, stitching, footbed, sole, logo badge, and embroidery. 

custom chacos introducing print shop - how to use print shop
Print Shop Customization Screen

For the main strap and heel leash, you’ll have the option of choosing from the Chaco Design Library or uploading your own image. If you upload your own image for the main strap, Chaco adds $5 to the overall price of your sandals. You’ll also have to make sure the image conforms to Chaco’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Images with low resolution may not turn out as bright and crisp as you imagine, so be careful to use only high-quality images when uploading your own for use in PrintShop

In addition to choosing the colors of all the elements of your Chacos, you’ll also get to add the Cloud footbed and choose from Chaco’s three grip patterns for the sole (Chacogrip, Colorado, Terreno). You’ll also have the option to add a custom embroidered message to the heel leashes of your sandals. You’ll be able to place a different message on the left and right heels of your sandals, but that message must be eight characters or less for each foot. In the final step, you’ll choose the appropriate length and your preferred width (medium vs. wide). You’ll also be able to add any Special Instructions that you think the customization team behind Chaco PrintShop should keep in mind when producing your custom Chacos. 

As you make changes to the design of your Chacos, the image in the design screen will update to most accurately reflect your choices. You’ll also be able to cycle through multiple different views so that you get a better idea of how your custom Chacos will look from every angle. A fun option that Chaco includes at the bottom of the PrintShop screen is the ‘Surprise Me’ button. This will randomize the design of your very own Chacos if you’re having trouble coming up with a design that you like. 

New! PrintShop Custom Z/Sandals – Use Your Own Designs! Get Your Design in 10 Days!

My PrintShop Experience

Overall, my PrintShop experience was easy and seamless. I loved seeing my customized Chacos come into form as I selected my preferred options and I am more than happy with the resulting product now that I have them in-person.

My major concern was how the printed lettering would come out on the main strap of my Chacos. I designed that image in Canva and tried several varieties before ultimately settling on that one. When my Chacos arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at how sharp and clear the lettering appears on that main strap. I’m really excited to put these new Chacos to use guiding for Tahoe Adventure Company all summer! 

custom chacos print shop - main strap from top
‘The Backpack Guide’ Lettering on Main Strap

Check Out My Custom Chacos!

Here’s where I’ll give you the opportunity to check out my Chacos from every angle. Just so you know, I chose the Terreno grip for the sole of my Chacos and went with the Cloud footbed (who doesn’t want to feel like they’re walking on a cloud?!). I also chose the wide version over the medium width because I like to have a little extra protection around my feet as I move kayaks and go in and out of rocky beaches quite a bit throughout the summer. 

custom chacos print shop Featured Image
Custom Footbed (No Longer Available) and Green Logo Badge
custom chacos print shop - terreno sole
Terreno Sole
custom chacos print shop - heel strap
Heel Leash (Image Selected From Chaco Design Library)

Get Your Custom Chacos Today! 

Right now, you can use the link below to make your own epic pair of sandals that’ll have all your friends jealous this summer!


Customize your own one-of-a-kind, custom sandals, accessories and dog gear at

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  1. Sherry

    Very awesome! I didn’t know this was a thing! My boyfriend and I love the outdoors. He had a pair similar to chacos that lasted him forever. I will have to show him this! He has issues with plantar fasciatis – how is the arch support? do they have options for better support? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Post
      Tucker Ballister

      I have very, very high arches and I found that Chacos provide more arch support than my Tevas (although there’s a time and a place where I prefer Tevas too). I hope that’s helpful! 

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