Four Gregory Hiking Backpacks

Four Gregory Hiking Backpacks Featured Image

Hiking and backpacking are forms of therapy for me. I need to regularly get out on the trail, away from what can sometimes be a hectic daily life and reconnect with myself and just breathe into Nature. But I do like bringing supplies along, and I think you should too! So check out these four Gregory hiking backpacks if you’re looking for a new pack for summer.

Three Gregory Women’s Backpacks

Gregory Women's Backpacks Featured Image
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More companies are designing backpacks specifically for men and women. While we haven’t different body compositions and this probably makes total sense to you, the idea hasn’t always been a priority in the backpack manufacturing industry. In this post, I’ll review three awesome Gregory Women’s backpacks.

The Gregory Paragon Backpack

Gregory Paragon Backpack Featured Image

Wayne Gregory officially founded Gregory Mountain Products, based in San Diego, California in 1977. From the beginning, Gregory has been committed to using quality materials in the construction of their packs. Let’s take some time today to check out one of their best products; the Gregory Paragon Backpack