Four Patagonia Travel Bags For Your Next Adventure

Four Patagonia Travel Bags Featured Image

Some of our travels are international and others keep us local. Fortunately, these four Patagonia travel bags can be used for your next adventure, no matter how big or small!

Without further adieu, check out these unique travel bags from Patagonia:

The Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Travel Tote

Dimensions: 15.5″ x 10.25″ x 8″

Weight: 13.1 ounces

Patagonia’s Lightweight Travel Tote is a great bag for everyday adventure. Whether you’re headed to the farmer’s market or sightseeing around town, this bag carries your essentials. With a 27-liter capacity, the Tote is built with 70-denier nylon ripstop fabric with a silicone face coating and a polyurethane (PU) back coating.

It has five storage pockets, including the main compartment, and top handles for easy carrying. But it also boasts backpack straps for comfortable, hands-free transport. The tote fits most airline carry-on requirements, so it’s a great companion to a larger pack on longer trips.

The pack’s top access helps you find what you need quickly and efficiently, and side compression straps secure loads of any size. Finally, the tote packs into its own pocket. It folds into itself, becoming small enough to fit into your pocket.

The Patagonia Lightweight Travel Tote is a great companion travel pack or a useful everyday carry option.

The Patagonia Great Divider Travel Bag

Dimensions: 18″ x 9.5″ x 13″

Weight: 5 lbs., 1.1 oz.

Here’s one option for the anglers out there. The Great Divider is a fishing travel bag that keeps all your tackle and supplies in a water-resistant container. The 26-liter volume provides plenty of space and the internal organization is customizable to your needs.

The lid offers a place to stash your flies and the magnetic front closure reduces the changes of spills when your boat is rocking. You’ll also enjoy a clear internal lid pocket for items you need secure. That clear pocket eliminates dangerously sticking your hand into a dark pocket to “fish” for supplies.

Like most Patagonia travel bags, it’s constructed with 100% recycled materials, including the nylon fabric, webbing, lining, and polyester shoulder strap.

The Patagonia Travel MLC 45L

The MLC is a combination briefcase, backpack, and carry-on travel bag. The 45-liter capacity is enough for multi-day trips while maintaining a small size for carry-on capability. It also seamlessly integrates with the Black Hole Wheeled Duffels (more on that next!).

Other features of the MLC include zippered internal pockets to keep clothing and toiletries organized and an exterior zippered pocket for small electronics. It’s made with 100% recycled body fabric, lining, and webbing too!

The Patagonia Black Hole Wheeled Travel Duffel

Patagonia Travel Bags - patagonia black hole wheeled duffel bag

Ok, let’s prepare for a little bigger journey. The Tote and MLC bags are great for everyday carry or as a companion to a larger travel bag. But what does that larger bag look like? Enter the Patagonia Black Hole Wheeled Duffel.

The Wheeled Duffel is available in 40, 70, and 100-liter capacities, but all sizes offer wheels for easy transportation through airports or from the cab into your accommodations. These Black Hole Duffels offer base weights of 7 pounds, 7.8 pounds, and 9.3 pounds, respectively. In terms of travel bags, they are heavier than some, which is why they come with wheels.

Regardless of size and weight, they’re manufactured with recycled polyester ripstop fabric coated with a weather-resistant TPU-film laminate and a durable water repellent finish.

They boast a large, open main compartment and several mesh pockets for smaller items. They also feature an external zippered pocket for easy access to the items you want to keep secure but readily accessible while traveling.

patagonia travel bags - wheeled duffel bag open

The smallest version of the Patagonia Black Hole Wheeled Duffel meets most carry-on restrictions, but the larger two must be checked underneath the plane.

Benefits of Buying Patagonia Travel Bags

Patagonia is one of the industry’s most environmentally conscious outdoor gear providers. The company’s mission to “build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis” guides everything they do.

The company recently made headlines by announcing the launch of “Patagonia Action Works,” which is an effort to help Patagonia customers learn more about environmental issues in their areas and how they can get involved with events, petitions, fundraisers, and volunteer efforts.

Their site provides information on the exact supply chain used to manufacture each product and you can visit their Environmental and Social Responsibility page to learn more about their ongoing initiatives to protect our planet.

When you buy from Patagonia, you’re getting a high-quality product and supporting a company that truly cares about minimizing our environmental impact and contributing to a healthier society!

Wishing You The Best of Travels!

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  1. Benny

    Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. When traveling we would want to carry as much as we need and as little as we can carry. My eyes caught the tote bag. You have explicitly explained the features of all these bags and now we all have varieties to choose from. This will be of great help to me. 

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  2. Nimrodngy

    Thanks a lot for sharing with us such an amazing review of Patagonia travel bags. 

    When it comes to going on a trip, I always have trouble finding a travel bag. I say this because I want to have a great diversity in bag capacity and in my country such products are very rare, or expensive and low quality. I think the Patagonia Black Hole® Wheeled Duffel Bag 70L is what I’m looking for. The 70L that this bag offers me is more than enough. The price of $329 is very cheap considering I found similar products (70L capacity) with prices over $500.

    If you don’t mind, I want to share this article on my social media account. I have a lot of friends who love travels. Thanks again and I wish you all the best! 

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  3. Feji ben

    Hello there! Thanks for this awesome article. It would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. I do travel a lot and I know for one to enjoy his or her trip he/she must have a good travel bag. I would be traveling on a vacation by February. I think the best thing to do is to get the Black Hole Wheeled Duffel as my own Christmas gift because I know it would be the best when I travel!

    1. Post
      Tucker Ballister

      Hey Feji ben! Treat yourself to the Wheeled duffel for Christmas! I’d love to hear how you like the bag once you use it for your February trip! 

  4. Pentrental

    Wow great advice here on Patagonia travel bags. I have been in a Patagonia store once or twice and I like the products so a reminder and reference is really helpful. From your choices I really like The “Tote” as it has a sleek design and is lightweight. That it fits most carry-on requirements is outstanding. Another one that I really like is the Black Hole Wheeled Duffel especially for longer travel since the inside looks really huge and I wheels are perfect for these. Patagonia is a commendable brand and I am glad to have come across your post here. I’ll definitely bookmark it for preparing my next adventure. Thanks for the great recommendations!

    1. Post
      Tucker Ballister

      You are very welcome! When you decide to get one of these packs for your travels, I’d love to hear your feedback on personal experience with your travel bag of choice! 

  5. Aaron

    I love to backpack. I’ll definitely follow your blog, Facebook and Instagram. Over the past decades, I’ve been using Columbia, NorthFace, and REI. REI is actually opening up hundreds of stores across the country in 2020. Good time to invest in their stocks. I never heard of Patagonia, so thank you for the informative post. Saves me from doing my own research too, so I appreciate the site. Thank you.

    1. Post
      Tucker Ballister

      You are very welcome Aaron! And thank you for the info on REI’s expansion. We have a great store about 30 minutes from where I live. It’s hard for me NOT to stop in every time I head down that way! 

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