The Best Gregory Hiking Backpacks For Men and Women

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Hiking and backpacking are therapeutic for me. But it’s hard to relax and breathe if you don’t have a hiking backpack for your gear. Knowing you can carry everything you need and having a comfortable way to carry it means everything, which is why you should take a closer look at these Gregory hiking backpacks for men and women.

Gregory Hiking Backpacks for Men

Gregory Men’s Baltoro 65

Baltoro 65

Pack Capacity: 65 liters (3,967 cu in)

Dimensions (in inches): 31 x 15 x 14

Base Weight: 81 ounces

Fabric Details: 210-Denier Nylon, 300-Denier Nylon

Frame Type: Internal

Best Use: Backpacking, Multisport, Winter Camping, Travel

This all-purpose pack offers a variety of features and comes in small, medium, and large sizes. It should be noted that the dimensions and base weight listed above are for the medium pack, and vary slightly for the small and large versions.

Let’s start by looking at the question of how much you’ll be able to carry in this pack. For reference, 3,967 cubic inches is almost as large as a 20-gallon gas tank. Imagine the fuel you’ll be able to bring along in this pack on your next backpacking trip!

As far as features go, the Baltoro isn’t lacking much. It offers a weather shield pocket, rain cover integration, double-barrel dual-sided lid compartments with an internal divider for better trail organization, a sleeping bag compartment with external access and a removable internal divider, and removable shock cord ice axe/trekking pole retainers.

Users have loved the Baltoro’s adaptability and customizability to each day’s changing needs on the trail. They’ve also boasted about the carrying comfort of this pack and one user even proclaimed that they’ve used it for 6,000 miles and counting!

Gregory Men’s Zulu 55

Gregory Men's Zulu 55 hiking backpack
Zulu 55

Pack Capacity: 55 liters (3,356 cu in)

Torso Length Fit: 18-22″

Hip Size Fit: 29-51″

Base Weight: 59 ounces

Fabric Details: Body: 210-denier nylon; Lining: 200-denier embossed polyester

Frame Type: Internal

Best Use: Backpacking

The men’s Gregory Zulu 55 pack is built for rugged weekend adventures. With Gregory’s thoughtful ventilation system and its included raincover, this pack can handle extended-season backpacking trips even if the weather isn’t ideal.

Like most of the best Gregory hiking backpacks for men and women, the torso length is adjustable and the hipbelt is designed with 3D construction to help prevent hotspots on your hips. On this pack, the shoulder harness features a sternum strap with an integrated safety whistle and a hydration clip.

It’s also hydration-compatible and has a zippered sleeping bag compartment on the bottom. The front mesh pocket stretches for easily stowing smaller hiking gear and the adjustable exterior attachment loop and upper shock lock make it easy to secure trekking poles or an ice axe.

Gregory Hiking Backpacks for Women

Gregory Women’s Deva 70

Gregory Deva 70L

Pack Capacity: 70 liters (4,272 cu in)

Dimensions (in inches): 30.3 x 17.3 x 14.1

Base Weight: 81 ounces

Fabric Details: 210-Denier Nylon, 300-Denier Nylon

Frame Type: Internal (with Aluminum stays)

Best Use: Climbing, Backpacking, Hiking, Expedition

Like the Men’s Baltoro, the Women’s Deva comes in three sizes, but this time those sizes are extra-small, small, and medium. The base weight, dimensions, and capacity listed above are for the small version of this pack and vary slightly for the extra-small and medium sizes.

Designed for week-long excursions, the Deva helps to ensure that you’ll have everything you need right in your very own turtle shell on your back! For a better visual, the pack’s 4,272 cubic inch capacity is roughly equivalent to the cumulative size of 8,000 gumballs! (But I hope you pack more sensibly than that)

Now let’s chat about features. The Deva has everything intended for a diva (silly Dad joke intended)! It boasts twin side-mounted zippered side pockets, Response A3 Women’s suspension with an additional HDPE panel for additional stability, rain cover integration, and multi-straps that are removable with a girth hitch for easy securing of bulky items to the pack’s exterior.

Users of the Deva have raved over the pack’s front U-zip accessibility, which makes it easy to find items in any section of the pack, as well as compartment layout and rain cover design. From reading user reviews, the Deva has withstood 10-day trips to Thailand and 6-day excursions in the Tetons without any issue!

Gregory Jade 63

Jade 63 gregory hiking backpacks
Jade 63

Pack Capacity: 63 liters (3,844 cu in)

Torso Length Fit: 15-19″

Hip Size Fit: 27-46″

Base Weight: 55.6 ounces

Fabric Details: 210-denier nylon/210-denier high-tenacity nylon

Frame Type: Internal

Best Use: Backpacking

The Gregory Jade 63 is perfect for week-long backpacking trips. It has plenty of storage capacity without being overly heavy and cumbersome. The ventilation is a huge plus on this pack, helping keep you comfortable in the heat of the summer when you’re working hard to reach that next mountain pass.

It comes with its raincover and is compatible with most hydration reservoirs. The torso length is also adjustable for you to find the most comfortable fit possible and a front U-zipper gives you access to the main compartment without opening the upper compartment.

To keep you organized, you’ll have a dedicated sleeping bag compartment, dual side pockets, an adjustable bungee attachment, hipbelt pockets, and a quick-stow system on the shoulder harness for your sunglasses.

Gregory Hiking Backpacks for Men and Women

Gregory Denali 100

Denali 100

Pack Capacity: 100 liters (6,102 cu in)

Dimensions (in inches): 27 x 14 x 7

Base Weight: 106 ounces

Fabric Details: 210-denier Nylon, 420-denier High-Density Nylon

Frame Type: Internal (with Aluminum stays)

Best Use: Day Hiking, Hiking

Gregory also offers this massive hauler in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The dimensions, capacity, and weight listed above for this pack are for the medium size and vary slightly for the small and large versions.

So, if you thought 8,000 gumballs was a lot of space to fill in the Deva 70-liter pack, what the heck are you going to do with another 30 liters of space? The Denali’s immense 6,102 cubic inch capacity is nearly large enough to fit two full kegs of your favorite beer into! But while it’s always good to have some libations after a long day of hiking, a sleeping bag, pad, and tent also come in handy.

In terms of features, the Denali (like the Baltoro and Deva) is loaded. Designed to haul all the gear you’ll need for even the roughest, harshest terrain, this pack boasts a top-loading design with full-length, side-slash zip access. This is a critical inclusion when you’re talking about 100 liters of gear because there are inevitably going to be items you’ll want on the trail that will end up buried in the immensity of this pack.

The Denali also features removable aluminum frame stays, dual front panel daisy chains, an expedition hip belt with tubular gear loops, ice clipper slots, and sled pull loops, a puncture-resistant dual-layer internally laminated front panel, side compression straps with A-frame ski carry capability, and much more.

Serious outdoor enthusiasts say that this pack is truly worthy of its namesake (the world’s highest mountain!) and impresses them with its durability, storage organization, comfort, and carrying capacity. One claimed they loaded this pack down with 80 pounds of gear and it had no problem!

Gregory Targhee


Pack Capacity: 45 liters (2,746 cu in)

Dimensions (in inches): 30.5 x 11.5 x 11.5

Base Weight: 67.2 ounces

Fabric Details: 420-denier Nylon, 160-denier Polyester Ripstop, 630-denier High-Density Nylon, and 210-denier Nylon

Frame Type: Internal

Best Use: Backcountry Skiing

Unlike the Baltoro, Deva, and Denali packs, the Targhee is a one-size-fits-all option. That said, adjustable shoulder straps and an adaptable hip belt make it customizable for many body types.

In terms of capacity, it’s the smallest of the packs in this list, but its 2,746 cubic inch capacity still fits the equivalent of 75 Starbucks Venti Coffees (or teas, whatever your preference I don’t judge!). The benefit of a smaller pack, especially when backcountry skiing, is that you’ll have to pare down to the absolute essentials!

In terms of features, the Targhee is designed with a dedicated avalanche safety pocket, A-frame and stowable diagonal ski carry straps, oversized top accessory and goggle pocket, hydration sleeve with insulated shoulder harness hose cover, and internal security pocket, a place to secure your ski/snowboard helmet, and much more.

Aside from the pack’s base weight being a bit heavy, users were thrilled with the ease of carrying the Targhee, as well as the organization of the pack that made it very convenient to access items stored anywhere. Other positives of this pack (from the user perspective) include the capacity, the quality of materials, the color (making it easy to identify on a trail), and the many points to attach items to the pack’s exterior.

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  1. Terina

    Definetly a backpack to have during long hikes, and walks. I do like the denali pack, and how it comes in different sizes. The pack capacity on the denali is a plus to me. Is there only one color for the Denali? What size and dimensions is the small denali?

    1. Post
      Tucker Ballister

      Hi There! Yes, unfortunately, the Denali only comes in black!

      As far as the specs for the small Denali go here you are: 

      Weight: 6 pounds, 4 ounces

      Torso Range: 16-18 inches

      Capacity: 97 liters (5919 cubic inches)

      Dimensions: 27.0″ x 14.0″ x 7.0″

      Hope this helps!

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