Perky Jerky Review: The Best Tasting Jerky On Earth

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Coming from someone who has sampled his fair share of jerky options, I’m going to use this Perky Jerky review to tell you why I believe it truly is the best-tasting jerky on earth! If you think the title of this article is an exaggerated claim, then you haven’t tasted Perky Jerky yet.

I relied heavily on their jerky options for my summer adventures. Everywhere I went, a bag of Perky Jerky was sure to go. My friends, coworkers, and clients raved about the tiny samples that I gave them. It was hard for me to part with even the tiniest nugget.

About Perky Jerky

Perky Jerky review best tasting jerky on earth - brian levin founder
Perky Jerky Founder Brian Levin

The name gives away a lot of the mystery, but Perky Jerky is dedicated to guaranteeing their customers the Best Tasting Jerky on Earth. The company was founded by Brian Levin, who is known in jerky circles as “an innovator, instigator, father of triplets, supporter of charities and mad scientist rolled into one.” As part of their efforts to support charities, a percentage of their proceeds go towards Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Down Syndrome research. 

When the company was in its infancy, their goal was to disrupt the proverbial apple cart and create a jerky that wasn’t dry and boring. They were going for the exact opposite: jerky that was insanely tender and highly flavorful. Moreover, they wanted to create an all-natural product that would provide adventurers of all types with a low-calorie, low-fat protein source. 

So, I said Perky Jerky is “all-natural.” Let’s unpack that a bit further. What I’m really saying is that this jerky is gluten-free and contains no nitrites, preservatives, or added MSG (monosodium glutamate). What is really telling about this company is that they guarantee their product. If you’re not satisfied, they’ll replace your purchase, refund it, or make a donation to causes near and dear to their hearts. 

Perky Jerky Review of their Varieties

Now that you know a little about the company, let’s get into the meats (mmm, healthy pun)! When you think of jerky, what comes to mind? For me, it’s BEEF jerky. And I suppose that’s because that is primarily what I had tried and sampled before Perky Jerky. But oh how my perspective has changed this summer! 

Perky Jerky offers a wide variety of jerky options made with different protein sources. There are, of course, various beef jerky flavors to choose from, including Tasty Teriyaki, Sweet & Snappy, Sea Salt & Pepper, and their Original Recipe (you gotta try the OG!). But they also offer multiple flavors of vegan jerky, wagyu beef jerky, turkey jerky, and pork jerky. 

Some of my personal favorites include their Chimichurri Wagyu Beef Jerky, Jammin’ Jamaican Turkey Jerky, and Mountain Maple Pork Jerky. You really have to see all of the options to believe it, so you can click this link (RIGHT HERE!) to shop all of their Perky Jerky varieties!

“How Does It Stay So Tender?”

Perky Jerky review best tasting jerky on earth - tender jerky

This was the question that my parents, coworkers, friends, and clients asked when they sampled Perky Jerky. Indeed, I found myself asking that very question more and more, especially after some of my original samples had been sitting around my pantry for a few months. It all starts with the cuts of meat that Perky Jerky chooses.

If you’re not aware, not all meats are created equal. And I’m no meat expert. But most of us (with a healthy acknowledgment of and respect for those out there whose bodies don’t prefer to ingest meat products) know a chewy cut of meat from a tender one (if you don’t, I apologize for making a generalization here!). 

Anyway, Perky Jerky takes the time to make sure they are selecting the most tender cuts of meat (whether that’s turkey, beef, pork, or wagyu beef) for their jerky. Then, they marinate all of their meats overnight to ensure a quality blend of their all-natural ingredients!

My Favorite Recipe from my Perky Jerky Review

Perky Jerky review best tasting jerky on earth - truffle and thyme wagyu beef jerky
Truffle & Thyme Wagyu Beef Jerky

To be honest, I haven’t really found a Perky Jerky recipe that I didn’t like. I’ve already mentioned a few of the recipes that stood out, but one that I haven’t touched on is there Truffle & Thyme Wagyu Beef Jerky.

Something about truffle means it has to be good, right? The recipe includes granulated onion, ground thyme, black pepper, and sunflower oil. The whole strips of wagyu beef are then marinated overnight in coconut aminos and coconut sugar to create the truffley goodness!  

How To Get Your Perky Jerky!

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose just one of their many varieties for your first sample of Perky Jerky. They offer several different varieties and sampler packs so that you can try out a bunch of recipes before you decide which is YOUR favorite.

Below, I’ve highlighted a few of their samplers so you can get a better idea of what they offer. If one of them interests you, simply click on the photo and you’ll be redirected to Perky Jerky’s website! 

About The Backpack Guide

perky jerky the best tasting jerky on earth - about the backpack guide
The Backpack Guide on the John Muir Trail

As The Backpack Guide, I’m on a mission to explore the wilderness, create learning opportunities, and connect with nature. These are the objectives that underline all the content I create on this site.

I want to inspire others to recreate in their respective wildernesses and to do so in the safest, most enjoyable manner possible. I’m also very interested in the experiences of others in the wild and I want to create a community of people that share those experiences and the lessons they’ve learned as a result.

If my mission resonates with you, you think we may have an awesome opportunity to collaborate, or you simply want to connect, I’d love to hear from you!

Feel free to reach out to me directly (email below), or share your adventure by tagging @thebackpackguide on Instagram, which is where I’m most active. You can also find me on FacebookPinterestTwitter, and LinkedIn.

Side note(s):

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“Perky Jerky is the ultimate snack to help you get up the mountain, down the slope, or conquer whatever adventure you decide.”

– Perky Jerky

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  1. Ian

    mouth-watering review of perky jerky. I think its well put and honestly if you were really pushing to sell something I would really have noticed. Great job with keeping the post organized and easy to follow. I like following your story as I have read other articles on the website as well 

    1. Post
  2. Vwegbah

    Hi Tucker Ballister. Thanks for sharing your Perky Jerky Review. From the start, it looked like an over hyped product review. As I continue reading, I discovered that it would probably be the best tasting jerky on earth. I have not actually tasted this brand before. It looks good after the read.

    1. Post
      Tucker Ballister

      Thanks for continuing to read! I seriously haven’t bought another jerky since sampling Perky Jerky! My brother is a hunter and I’d love to make my own jerky from some of the venison he brings home, but until then, I’ll be sticking to Perky Jerky! 

  3. Carolyn

    Gee!  Your article about your favorite jerky is very good at impressive.  Giving the sample of any jerky is very good idea to recruit more customers to buy more varies of jerky.  I never tried that kind of jerky.  Someday, I will ask for the sample to taste the “test” jerky to see if I like which one is best.  I’d appreciate the sharing your article with us.

    1. Post
  4. Paul

    Hi there,

    Not really into the jerky but certainly the adventure side of your site has me very interested. Living in asia i travel back to Australia every summer and jump in my bus and set of to explore the many wonders Oz has to offer. I generally stick to the east coast pulling up on a beach. I sometimes venture inland but the ocean always lures me back.

    I’m always looking for advice on the best camping options and look to travel to other countries to do my bus gig so i”l be keeping an eye on your sight for the many suggestions that you have on offer

    Thanks Paul

    1. Post
  5. Scott Hinkle

    Thank you for this introduction and review.

    I’m on a low-carb diet and I love jerky in general.  Sadly, so many are really high in carbs.  Although I didn’t see the carb count in your article, I did take the time to look it up myself and it’s actually not bad at all.

    I think I may have to check this jerky out myself and see if all the praise you give it is warranted.

    Thanks again.


    1. Post
      Tucker Ballister

      Hey Scott! I really appreciate your feedback and will keep it in mind to add more information on nutrition facts for the next food-related product review I publish. For what it’s worth, I started out with the Ultimate Jerky Gift Box so that I could sample a bunch of different varieties and see what I really liked (there honestly wasn’t much that I DIDN”T like!). I’d very much appreciate it if you swung back briefly once you’ve sampled Perky Jerky to let me (and our other readers) know how you liked it! 

  6. Ann

    Thank you for giving us your honest review of Perky Jerky. I’ll have to try it. I believe you when you say it’s the best tasting jerky on Earth. And because I believe you, I’ll go and try it myself. LOL.

    I’m interested in Beef & Turkey Jerky. But I know my dad will love Wagyu Beef Jerky so I’ll take that one too.

    1. Post
      Tucker Ballister

      The Ultimate Jerky Gift Box is probably the best place to start so you can sample many of their varieties and really decide which you like best. That’s how I first got introduced to Perky Jerky. I’d love to hear your thoughts/sensations on it once you’ve tried it out. And, in the meantime, happy tasting! 

  7. Abel

    A friend was talking to me recently about how good Wagyu Beef Jerky was and I didn’t pay to much attention to him. But now that I read your post and remember my friends qualifications for this Perky Jerky, I’ll definitely have to try it. And I’ll start with exactly the same one my friend recommended.

    1. Post
      Tucker Ballister

      I’m glad that Perky Jerky jumped back into the forefront of your consciousness with this post! Please come back and share the feedback from your taste buds once you’ve tried it out! 

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