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This article from Health.com suggests that the UV protection in our sunglasses may deteriorate faster than we think. As such, it might be necessary to replace our sunglasses more often than we currently are. If your sunglasses are looking a little worn, this Rheos floating sunglasses review offers a great option for upgrading your eyewear. 

These shades are made for fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and other outdoor activities, but they’re also stylish enough to wear around town on your off day! So let’s get into my thoughts on the Rheos Gear sunglasses! 

Do They REALLY Float? 

A Rheos Floating Sunglasses Product Test

I have to be honest that I was a bit skeptical about these sunglasses actually floating when I first got them. I’d grown up with Croakies, Chums, and even those super awesome-looking floaties that you can attach to your sunglasses if you’re really trying to attract attention! 

While I do like to have a strap on my sunglasses, I was kind of sick of feeling like I had a ponytail flopping around on the back of my neck with my old Chums. That’s why you’ll see the less bulky sunglasses strap in the video below. But all that stuff about straps aside, I had to know: Do the Rheos Gear Sunglasses REALLY float? 

And I figured there was no better way to find out than to head down to the Truckee River on a chilly winter day and toss them in! Air and water temperature that day were both in the low to mid-40s, so I was really hoping that these sunglasses would float because I had ZERO interest in hopping in the river to retrieve them if they didn’t pass the test. 

Rheos Floating Sunglasses Overview

Rheos Gear Floating Sunglasses Review - Shades In Water PC The Backpack Guide aka Tucker Ballister
PC The Backpack Guide aka Tucker Ballister

So how are these Rheos Gear sunglasses made? Well, they start with super lightweight frames that make it hard to even notice that these shades are on your face. As someone who has dealt with his fair share of shades that felt like they were squeezing my brain out of the top of my skull, putting on a pair of Rheos Gear sunglasses was a refreshing change in this regard. 

In terms of comfort, I think it’s also important to mention the grippy and padded nose pieces that also reduce any pinching or rubbing against the sides of your nose. These shades also feature anti-scratch armored lenses with 100% UV protection. The lenses are coated for both oil and water protection also boast premium polarization to improve visibility and anti-fog technology to keep them clear in varying conditions. 

But how do they float?

The technology behind this is very simple. And it’s all in the frames. But first, a quick science explanation. When an object is dropped in water, a certain amount of water is displaced relative to the weight of the object. But if the amount of water that is displaced weighs more than the object itself, the water will sink while the object floats. 

By making their shades 30% lighter than similar sunglasses made from polycarbonate material, they were able to make shades that weigh less than the weight of the water that they displace. And voila! Their shades float while the competition sinks (literally and maybe figuratively as well!).

The kicker here is that they were able to reduce the weight of their sunglasses while maintaining a durable structure that is designed to withstand the wear and tear of serious outdoor adventurers! 

If all that science (phew, I’m sweating just thinking about it!) was a little much for you, check out this great video that further explains the tech behind Rheos Gear’s floating sunglasses!

Rheos Floating Sunglasses Styles

Coopers, Anhingas, Palmettos, Bahias, Wycreeks, Waders, Eddies, Sapelos, and Kid’s Styles. All of these styles come in various color options with different lenses and varied frame designs. So the question really is: what is YOUR sunglass style?

Here are some photos of their various styles so you can find one that suits you! 

Rheos Gear Floating Sunglasses Review - kids styles
Kid’s Styles PC Rheos Gear

More About Rheos Floating Sunglasses

Rheos Gear Floating Sunglasses Review - Rheos Gear Logo
PC Rheos Gear

Rheos Gear was born in 2016. Jake and Becca are a husband and wife team that was living out of their van at the time of the company’s inception. The central question that sparked the company’s creation came from Becca. One fateful day, she turned to Jake and said, “You know, the most expensive part of our adventures is replacing your lost sunglasses!”

They both admitted that their love for watersports had cost them a significant number of sunken shades in the course of their adventures. So they set out to create something new. The Rheos team is based out of the coastal city of Charleston, South Carolina, and the company’s name comes from the Greek word ‘re-os‘, which means “river current.”

In their mission to create floating sunglasses, they also designed sunglasses with great style, lightweight, and excellent UV protection. Their shades are made for the most adventurous paddlers, fishers, surfers, kayakers, and watersports enthusiasts alive! And if you pay close enough attention, you might even spot a mermaid or two (in disguise of course!) rocking a slick pair of Rheos Gear floating sunglasses! 

One thing that also caught my eye when researching Rheos Gear is the fact that they are part of 1% For The Planet, which means they give 1% of all annual revenue to nonprofits that support environmental causes. They are also active in their local Charleston community and regularly partner with local groups to help keep the beaches and waterways of that area clean and pristine! 

Rheos Gear Floating Sunglasses Review - more about rheos gear
PC Rheos Gear

About The Backpack Guide

Rheos Gear Floating Sunglasses Review Featured Image
PC @womanifester

As The Backpack Guide, I’m on a mission to explore the wilderness, create learning opportunities, and connect with nature. These are the objectives that underline all the content I create on this site. I want to inspire others to recreate in their respective wildernesses and to do so in the safest, most enjoyable manner possible. 

I’m also very interested in the experiences of others in the wild and I want to create a community of people that share those experiences and the lessons they’ve learned as a result.

If my mission resonates with you, you think we may have an awesome opportunity to collaborate, or you simply want to connect, I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to me directly (email below), or share your adventure by tagging @thebackpackguide on Instagram, which is where I’m most active. You can also find me on FacebookPinterestTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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I’d also like to kindly invite you to check out the other content on my site. That includes Hiking Tips and Trails and my Outdoor Gear page with reviews on water filters, tents, hiking shoes, trekking poles, and more. Also, you might enjoy my Backpack Reviews if you’re in need of a new pack, which includes brands like Kelty, REI, and Gregory. 

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“Sometimes you just have to bite your upper lip and put sunglasses on.”

– Bob Dylan

The Backpack Guide


Rheos Floating Sunglasses









  • Featherweight
  • Floaty Yet Durable
  • Super Comfortable


  • Might Make Friends Jealous
  • Could Stop Fish in Their Wake Because You Look So Good
  • $50 Price Point Might Be High For Some (But You Get What You Pay For!)


  1. Henderson

    The Rheos Gear company has a couple of very good shades that I’m impressed with. These sunglasses really cut it and the different types are really cool. It’s nice that these shades will last for a while for those that will use them. I am very impressed to be honest. I like the way the company gives so much into considering what people need. Good to see you give it a water test that it passed. I shall look into getting a pair!

    1. Post
      Tucker Ballister

      Hey Henderson! I’m glad you liked the water test (albeit brief!) and I do agree that these shades are a great option. I look forward to hearing how you like them once you grab yourself a pair! 

  2. Ann

    This is interesting. We have also lost a few pair of sunglasses. But this doesn’t stop us from continually go on adventures outdoors. But it would be great to continue going without losing our sunglasses. I must thank Becca for this idea she had. I’ll definitely purchase a pair of these Rheos floating sunglasses. They have really cool designs.

    1. Post
      Tucker Ballister

      Hi Ann! Becca is, indeed, a visionary! But I think we also need to thank Jake for losing so many sunglasses and inspiring Becca to have the idea in the first place! When you do get a pair of Rheos Gear sunglasses, be sure to come back and let us know how you like them! 

  3. Parveen

    Hello Tucker,
    Rheos Gear Floating Sunglasses are very beautiful and are available in various styles. Its frames are awesome. Its super lightweight frames that make it hard to even notice that these shades are on your face it makes more attractive. I recently noticed their shades also feature anti-scratch armored lenses with 100% UV protection.

    Yes, I will buy one for myself. Really, they are very stylish.

    Thank you


    1. Post
      Tucker Ballister

      You are most welcome Parveen! I’d love to hear about your experience once you have a chance to try the Rheos Gear sunglasses for yourself. Feel free to pop back in and leave an update on how you like them down the line! 

  4. MrBiizy

    Hello Tucker, thank you for sharing these amazing glasses by Rheos Gear! They’re well suited for various activities as you have listed. I swear you’re so so funny with your cons 😆; I know they’re expensive but I’m sure it’s worth the money if spent on these glasses. I love their durability, thrilled by their comfortability and it’s intriguing to see that it floats just like the axe head in the Bible. I love the design of the shades especially Palmettos.

    1. Post
  5. Phil

    I wondered what free floating meant and if that was even possible but you explain it very well with a bit of science thrown in!

    I am also so conscious of UVA and I had never given it any thought that its protections could deteriorate in sunglasses so that has to be a reason for getting new ones. I really had not given that any thought!

    I am fed up with buying cheap brands as you say they fall off and my best record was keeping a new pair for more than two hours.They look the part very stylish and for outdoor life I can see why they work brilliantly. What is the life span do you reckon?
    Really decent price and very cool colours and cool brand. Loving the blog by the way.

    1. Post
      Tucker Ballister

      Hey Phil! 

      I was skeptical about the floating nature of these shades before I tested them out. But they passed the test in a big way! 

      Also, you definitely need to think about the UV protection factor, especially if you spend a lot of time outside. Gotta protect those eyeballs! 

      On the lifespan question, I think this is going to be super variable depending on how well you treat your shades. This is true no matter whether you buy a $10 pair from the convenience store or go all-in on a $300 pair of high-end shades. 

      Personally, I have busted a pair of these shades accidentally. I had them on Croakies hanging around my neck when I hugged someone and crushed them. But I can’t count the number of times I’ve done that with other shades too. Maybe I need to stop hugging people too tightly. 

      Anyway, the Rheos Gear shades do come with their own little bags. So if you’re disciplined about putting them bag into their bag after every use, they’re going to last and stay in great shape! 

  6. Payton

    Ah, it’s very nice to know that you have actually tested this glasses yourself. I have about two uv Ray’s eyeglasses and I didn’t know that those days are actually detoirating at a very rapid rate. Well I guess I might have to just buy this owned from this company. See that it floats is good but I don’t know if that feature will be essential for me in the long run.

    1. Post
      Tucker Ballister

      Glad you liked them Payton! 

      You never know when their floating feature will come in handy until it does!! 

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