Blackfire Portable Waterproof Speaker Review

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When it comes to paddleboarding, kayaking, truck camping, or lakeside lounging, a portable waterproof speaker brings the fun..k. Now, you clearly have the freedom to choose whatever music you want to listen to, but this Blackfire portable waterproof speaker review is going to focus on the features and functions of the speaker itself. 

It’s up to you to select the tunes you crank once you’re out and about!

Blackfire Portable Waterproof Speaker Specs

blackfire portable waterproof speaker buttons

Let’s start with the Blackfire speaker’s metrics: 

Dimensions: 4.2” x 4.1” x 1.6” 

Weight: 9.5 oz.

Battery Life: 10 hours

Battery Type: Lithium Ion (3.65 volts/2,150 milli-amp hours)

Charging Time: 5-6 hours

Charge Method: USB-C to standard USB charging cable. 

Bluetooth Connectivity Range: 32.8’

Drop Resistance: Up to 9.8’

IP Rating: IP54

Material: Polycarbonate/thermoplastic polyurethane

Max Sound Level: Less than 80 dB at 1-2 kHz at a one-meter distance

Blackfire Portable Waterproof Speaker Features

Let’s dive into the features of this Blackfire wearable Bluetooth speaker: 

Multiple Attachment Methods

blackfire portable waterproof speaker hanging from rear truck window

The mounting strap allows you to secure the speaker around an external backpack strap, on the struts for your camper shell’s rear window, around your belt, or pretty much anywhere else you can think of (so long as the conduit or pole isn’t too thick). 

The strap also has a small teardrop-shaped hole that allows you to hang it from a nail or a thin tree branch once you’re in camp. And it also features an integrated magnet, which means it can stick to the side of a metal truck bed or camper. 

Multiple Connectivity Options

It is a Bluetooth speaker, which means you can wirelessly connect your phone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth-compatible device to play your tunes. And it holds that connection if you walk up to 30 feet away. But it also comes with an ⅛” stereo auxiliary cable to provide a wired connection if you’re still using that old iPod Shuffle that doesn’t feature Bluetooth. 

Long Battery Life

blackfire portable waterproof speaker in grass on river edge

This rechargeable speaker lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge and it has a built-in energy-saving feature that automatically shuts the speaker off after 10 minutes of inactivity, which means it doesn’t deplete its battery if you walk away and forget to turn it off. 

To check the battery, you can simply use the speaker’s built-in LED light, which also indicates wireless connectivity. 

Phone Call Compatibility

It even includes a built-in speakerphone that allows you to take hands-free calls when someone decides to rudely interrupt your jam session. 

Rugged Design

blackfire portable waterproof speaker in water

It’s resistant to water and dust and boasts an IP54 ingress protection rating. The first number represents the speaker’s resistance to ingress by solid materials and the second indicates its resistance to liquids. 

According to the intrusion protection scale, a rating of 5 indicates that the speaker is “protected against dust limited ingress, no harmful deposits.” And on the moisture protection scale, a rating of 4 represents that it’s “protected against water splashed from all directions, limited ingress permitted.”

For reference, a rating of 6 is the maximum for both of these scales. 

What I Like About The Blackfire Portable Waterproof Speaker

blackfire portable waterproof speaker on rock in river

After testing on multiple SUP trips and river hangs, here’s what I enjoy about the magnetic Blackfire speaker

It’s compact. Other than mine being bright orange, it doesn’t get in the way and is hardly noticeable…until the tunes start cranking. 

It’s loud. At full volume along a river on a windy day, I was able to hear it still at a distance of more than 50 feet. 

It’s durable. While I was eventually going to test its waterproofing on purpose, I accidentally dropped it into about three inches of water on my first paddle. It powered on and cranked tunes without issue and has been doing so since. 

It’s versatile. It’s easy to strap to a pack, stick to the side of my truck or trailer, or even clip to a belt loop so I can bring my music anywhere.

It has long battery life. I’m not constantly having to recharge it after each use. 

What I Don’t Like About The Blackfire Portable Waterproof Speaker

blackfire portable waterproof speaker hanging from camp chair

The only hiccup I’ve noticed with this speaker is in the length of the mounting strap. While there are plenty of places where I’ve been able to secure it easily, it has limitations. I’d wager the maximum circumference you can secure it to is roughly one inch. 

For instance, it works fine strapping it to the thinner struts on the rear window of my camper shell. But it wouldn’t secure around the thicker supports for my camp chair. The good news is that it’s also magnetic and can simply sit on your camp table if you don’t need to secure it. 

Final Verdict on the Blackfire Portable Waterproof Speaker

blackfire portable waterproof speaker on paddleboard

I love it! I’ve dropped it in the water, hung it in trees, and used it as a portable boom box (except on my hip instead of my shoulder). I went from listening to muffled tunes coming straight from my phone through my PFD to chilling with clear vibes on the lake. 

I don’t have to worry about it getting splashed or spilled on and it can handle being dropped unless I’m standing right on the side of a cliff. This portable, rechargeable, waterproof, magnetic, wearable, Bluetooth speaker will definitely be going with me on all my future adventures!

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Blackfire Rechargeable Portable Waterproof Speaker






Battery Life



  • Compact
  • Loud
  • Durable


  • Mounting Strap Length


  1. Jeremy

    This is a great article! 

    The Blackfire speaker has all the features that you would want in a portable speaker.

    Its versatility, the battery life and charging time are great and the drop resistance is impressive. 

    The fact that it is also waterproof and dust proof, so you don’t need to worry about it getting damaged is even more cool. 

    If the mounting strap is the only downside, that’s ok because it can easily be stuck to metal surfaces. 

    Overall, this seems like a great speaker to bring along on any adventure!

    1. Post
      Tucker Ballister

      I definitely have been getting my fair share of use out of it from the paddleboard to the truck camper to the golf course! 

  2. Abbas

    Hi Tucker thanks for this concise review of the Blackfire Portable Waterproof Speaker.  As an outdoor enthusiast, I have been searching for a good outdoor speaker that can take the knocks and weather conditions.  Sounds like you have offered me the solution.  I am definitely going to consider this option and also check out the rest of your website.  Thanks so much

    1. Post
      Tucker Ballister

      You are so welcome! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything else you’re looking for. 

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