Three Deuter Packs for Women

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More frequently, backpack designers are creating packs uniquely for men or women. This seems to be a very natural progression given the obvious biological differences in body type between the genders. If you’re a hiker you want a pack that fits and is comfortable. So let’s take a look at three Deuter packs for women that are designed for various types of outdoor adventure!

Deuter Packs for Women For Hydration

Airlite 14 SL

deuter packs for women - airlite 14 sl

While still offering 14 liters of storage space, this hydration-compatible pack is a great option for short hikes, trail running, and cycling. The pack’s lightweight design weighs less than two pounds when empty.

Let’s review a few of the pack’s other specifications:

Pack Capacity: 14 liters (854 cubic inches)

Torso Fit Range: 14 to 18 inches

Frame Type: Frameless

Pack Access: Panel

This pack offers a variety of features, including anatomical shoulder straps and a hip belt with load adjustment capability, back panel ventilation pads that reduce perspiration up to 25 percent, a detachable rain cover, and trekking pole attachment loops. It also boasts two water bottle pockets in addition to space for an appropriately sized hydration sleeve.

Deuter Packs for Women For Day Hiking

Pace 28 SL

deuter packs for women - pace 28 sl

With double the space offered by the Airlite 14 SL, the Pace Daypack is surprisingly lighter than the Airlite when empty. It’s a great day hiker with plenty of space and comfortable design.

Here are the unique specifications of the Pace 28 SL:

Pack Capacity: 28 liters (1709 cubic inches)

Torso Fit Range: 15 to 19 inches

Frame Type: Internal

Pack Access: Top

This pack features the Deuter Alpine Back system with two flexible soft stripe back pads designed to conform to the wearer’s anatomy, follow every movement, and offer sufficient ventilation to reduce perspiration.

The Pace 28 also boasts wrap-around compression straps, a large front “stuff-it” pocket, and a lid pocket with central zip, valuables pocket, and SOS labeling.

Deuter Packs for Women For Backpacking

ACT Lite 60 + 10 SL

deuter packs for women - act lite 60+10 sl

A backpacker’s dream, the ACT Lite is a durable, multi-day pack with a women’s-specific feel and design. Although this pack weighs just over four pounds, it’s relatively light when compared to some other packs on the market.

Let’s dig into the ACT Lite’s specifications:

Pack Capacity: 60 liters (3661 cubic inches)

Torso Fit Range: 14 to 20 inches

Frame Type: Internal

Pack Access: Top

This pack features Deuter’s AirContact Suspension system, which is designed to keep the weight of your pack closer to your center of gravity. By doing so, this makes it easier for you to carry heavier loads more comfortably.

In addition, the ACT Lite boasts a lightweight multi-chamber Aluminum X-Frame suspension, a separate bottom sleeping bag compartment, a removable lid that converts to a summit pack, dual hip belt pockets, and much more!

Deuter Backpack Buyer’s Guide

What is the primary activity you’ll be using your new backpack for? How much gear do you like to bring along for this activity? What are some things that bug you about your current pack? What pack features can you NOT live without?

These are just a few of the questions you should consider when searching for a new backpack. Deuter has been manufacturing packs for nearly 120 years, from its humble beginnings creating mailbags and post sacks for the Bavarian Royal Mail to becoming one of the most globally recognized names in quality backpack design.

Whatever type of pack you’re looking for, Deuter has the answer. Let’s take a look at a few important characteristics that will help you make your choice:

Torso Fit Range

deuter packs for women - torso measurement guide

You’ll see that I’ve included this information in the specifications for each of the three packs above. The packs I’ve mentioned in this review are compatible with a wide range of torso sizes, but this measurement will help you select the correct size pack if there are multiple sizing options.

But if you don’t know what this means it probably isn’t helpful information. So let me explain it a bit further.

Most simply, “torso fit range” is the measurement from the base of your spine to the large bone that protrudes from the back of your neck. Find the top of your hip bones (iliac crest) and then measure up to the C7 vertebra. The number you get is your torso length. I hope the graphic below can also provide some clarity!

Primary Activity

Obviously, you’re not going to go for a pack with more than 50-liters of capacity if you’re primarily day hiking, cycling, or trail running. When buying a new pack, you should consider what activities you really need the pack for. This will help you narrow down your options.

The first two packs I’ve mentioned in this post are designed primarily for those three activities, but the Pace 28 SL is also an option for winter recreation, as it includes an adaptable vertical carry system to fit skis, a snowboard, or snowshoes. The ACT Lite also includes loops to fit a helmet holder, which makes it an awesome option for backcountry skiing and rock climbing.

Style and Adaptability

An adaptable pack will help you get the most for your money. Personally, I like backpacking packs that I can also use to travel or pack up my belongings when relocating to a new city. With the variety of activities these packs can be used for, each offers a great degree of adaptability.

Style is also an important consideration. It’s not enough to be out backpacking all summer, but you should look good and feel confident when doing so. While the Pace 28 is only available in Black/Mint and the Airlite 14 SL offers a Black/Magenta color pattern, the ACT Lite allows you to select from three distinct color schemes and the

Price Range

Ultimately, most of our buying decisions come down to the bottom line. The three packs in this review range from $75 to $167. When compared to other similar packs, however, you’ll find that each of these packs is very reasonably priced.

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  1. Win Bill Huang

    On my next hiking trip, I would love to have my wife use the ACT Lite, because I would like to camp out for a few days too with plenty of supplies. However, my wife normally likes to dump all the bags onto me, so I might be digging my own grave lol.

    In the end, even though the Airlite 14SL doesn’t carry a lot, but I guess that sounds more realistic if I want to make my wife carry it. I know we won’t hold much, but I think that will have to do for now. Short hiking trips it is. What do you think?

    1. Post
      Tucker Ballister

      Hi Win! 

      I would even consider an in-between option like the Pace 28! It won’t be too big, but still allow plenty of space for overnight supplies, and can be carried with comfort. And it’s actually lighter than the Airlite 14 SL when empty!

      I would investigate packs in the 28 to 40 liter capacity range. Off the top of my head, Deuter offers a number of options in this realm, such as the ACT Trail Pro Series (available in 32, 34, and 38-liter sizes) and the Groden 30 SL

      I hope this is helpful and I wish you an excellent next trip! 

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