How To Find The Right Osprey Travel Backpack

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Few brands out there today rival Osprey. Their backpacks are sleek, useful, and comfortable. They have options for nearly every level of adventurer, but if you’re hopping on a plane for your next trip, you’ll need to know how to find the right Osprey travel backpack.

Let’s talk about some criteria that will help you do that.

Where Are You Traveling?

All backpacks aren’t created equal. Some of us need a light-duty pack for everyday use. Others might be looking for an all-weather option for backpacking in unpredictable climates.

But honestly, most of us are looking for something in the middle. Osprey travel backpacks come in many shapes and sizes. Their features vary according to their best use. So the first question to consider is where you plan on traveling.

The highest mountains? Hottest of deserts? Most tropical beaches? Where you’re traveling matters!

If you’re bushwhacking into the heart of the Amazon, you’re not going to hoof a 70-liter pack through the humid jungle. Likewise, most of us aren’t bringing our 25-liter school backpack out for a 28-day excursion on the John Muir Trail.

The Porter 46 Osprey Travel Backpack

porter 46 osprey travel backpack front

For the always-on-the-go traveler, the Porter 46 Osprey Travel Backpack is the perfect balance between annoying duffel bags and cumbersome backpacking packs. Constructed from 420-denier Nylon Wave Ripstop fabric, this pack provides 46-liters or 2807 cubic inches of packing space.

New to this model, Osprey has relocated the zippered laptop and/or tablet pocket and loads of functional storage that can be accessed from multiple points around the pack.

The main pocket of the Porter 46 is accessed with a single lockable zipper designed to make it easy to find anything in your pack at a minute’s notice, but also to provide ample security for the avid globetrotter.

Another cool feature of the Porter 46 is a vertical zippered pocket on the front panel. This panel provides safe storage for guidebooks, pleasure reading materials, and other important travel documents.

With dimensions of 22 x 14 x 11 inches, the Porter 46 fits most carry-on luggage requirements for air travel! Finally, the structured sidewalls of this Osprey travel backpack hold the pack open even when it’s empty, making packing, unpacking, and organizing simpler than ever!

porter 46 osprey travel backpack back

How Much Gear Will You Bring?

Seriously. Take stock! Use equivalent measurements to help you determine how large of a pack you’ll need. For example, a 70-liter Osprey travel backpack will hold more than 18 gallons of “stuff.” Home Depot practically gives away 5-gallon buckets, or if you’ve got some lying around the house, start filling them up!

If you fill three with ease, you’ll at least need a 70-liter pack. If you only fill two, you’ll be great with a 40 or 45-liter pack. Minimalists that can fit their essentials into a single bucket will probably be alright with a 30-liter pack or smaller.

The Farpoint 70 Osprey Travel Backpack

farpoint 70 osprey travel backpack

For the weekend warrior, the Farpoint 70 will give you plenty of space to bring along everything you need for your next outing, and then some! The Farpoint 70 is available in two sizes: Small/Medium with a total capacity of 67 liters (4,089 cubic inches) and Medium/Large with a capacity of 70 liters (4,272 cubic inches).

When you’re the kind of weekend warrior that brings an extra camera or a six-pack of your favorite beer, those extra three liters can be handy!

The main body of the Farpoint 70 boasts 210-denier Mini Hex Diamond Ripstop fabric while the accent and bottom are manufactured using a 600-denier packcloth. The Small/Medium size boasts dimensions of 24 x 13 x 13 inches and the Medium/Large option is just slightly taller with dimensions of 26 x 14 x 13 inches.

While you might worry about carrying such a large pack, Osprey has intentionally designed their LightWire™ frame suspension system to transfer weight from the shoulder harness to the hip belt. This helps to displace the weight from your shoulders and back to your hips and legs, which can handle a larger load.

Best of all, the whole suspension system stows under a zippered panel for safety in transit. From experience, there’s nothing worse than finding the straps of your backpack broken in baggage claim after a long flight to a new country. With the Farpoint 70, this is no longer a problem!

Osprey Farpoint 70 Travel Backpack

What Are Your ‘Must-Have’ Features?

Are accessible water bottle holders your thing? What about space for a built-in hydration system? Maybe you’re into a single-zippered design for easy access to your belongings?

With so many features out there today, it’s hard to stay focused on the items that you really need. Take your time and contemplate the features you’ve always loved, those you’d kinda like, and those you can’t live without.

If you go with a larger Osprey travel backpack, a detachable daypack is essential. This way, you don’t have to carry a separate smaller pack for day trips once you set up a basecamp at your destination.

For smaller packs, the organization will be vital. Because all your essentials are in a compact backpack, it should have plenty of ways to keep belongings organized. That way you can quickly get right to what you need and stay on the move.

The Daylite 44L Carry-On Osprey Travel Backpack

Daylite 44 Osprey Travel Backpack Front

For those ultra-lightweight travelers that love two-for-one features, the Daylite Travel Backpack is a great option! With a 44 liter (2,685 cubic inch) capacity, you’ll have space for the essentials, but you won’t be lugging around any extra gear.

This Osprey travel backpack is perfect for international travelers who hate checking luggage on long flights. For remote workers, slip your computer into the pack’s discrete padded sleeve (fits 16-inch laptops).

The Daylite 44 boasts a full-zip main compartment and two stretch side pockets for water bottle storage. Tuckaway backpack straps streamline this pack when passing through security and reduce the chances of a broken strap in transit.

Perhaps best of all, the Daylite is manufactured with recycled materials. Bluesign approved polyester of varying thicknesses is utilized on all main, accent, and bottom sections of this pack, which means you can get a great new travel backpack while doing your part to reduce industry waste at the same time.

Daylite 44 Osprey Travel Backpack Back

Have You Had An Osprey Travel Backpack Before?

If so, then hold on just a minute before you go on purchasing a new pack. Osprey has one of the best warranty policies in the outdoor industry, if not THE Best! Their products are built-to-last and their warranty policy backs up the hard work that goes into making each and every top-of-the-line Osprey pack. Read on to learn more about the Osprey ALL MIGHTY GUARANTEE!!

What Sets Osprey Travel Backpacks Apart

Osprey Travel Backpacks All Mighty Guarantee

Osprey has long been one of the premier brands in reliable outdoor backpacks. Since their establishment in 1974, they’ve been dedicated to developing high-quality packs that will help you go further and stay out longer. But what sets Osprey apart is its warranty service. If you send in a broken or ripped Osprey backpack and they can’t repair it, they’ll replace it, for life!

If you’re one of those stubborn gear guys, like me, that holds onto packs until they bust, and your particular model is no longer in production, they’ll contact you directly to discuss your replacement options. That’s pretty awesome! A company that stands behind their product so much that they’re willing to completely replace it if it breaks is one that’s worth investing in!

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  1. Katherine

    I had no idea that Osprey had a lifetime guarantee! That’s awesome. I was hesitant to spend that much on a backpack but I don’t mind investing in good quality equipment. Thanks for the info!

    1. Post
      Tucker Ballister

      Hi Katherine J!

      Osprey is the “stuff”. North Face also offers a lifetime guarantee!

      It’s nice to invest in a brand more so than investing in a single product!

      Stay Tuned for more awesome reviews!


  2. Benny

    Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. When we are traveling, we want to ask everything we need and carry as little as we can carry. Your review on the Osprey backpack is awesome and very well researched. The Osprey Porter 46 is so beautiful and I am going to get it also for a friend!

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  3. Pentrental

    As someone who takes shorter one-day hiking trips I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest backpacks, especially when it comes to the lighter or medium-weight ones. As such I really like the look of The Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack. The clasps really seem to hold things nicely in place and the fabric looks quality and stretchy. Another one I like is the Osprey Ozone Travel Pack 35. I’d take this one on a little longer trip where I was taking along the tablet. I’ll definitely save your post for when it’s soon time for a new backpack, great work well done!

    1. Post
      Tucker Ballister

      Thanks! I’m glad you found the article helpful. The Osprey Porter 46 definitely caught my eye from the start as well. If you decide on that pack, let me know how you like it! 

  4. Mike

    The 80 looks perfect for me! We’re off around SE Asia for a few weeks in the summer and really need a new backpack. This looks absolutely ideal! Thanks so much for sharing all of that information it would have taken me hours to research all of this. The Ospreys do seem like the best type of bag to get for sure

    1. Post
      Tucker Ballister

      Hey Mike! Where in SE Asia are you heading? Some of my friends have been talking about heading that way next year as well. You really should look into these Osprey packs, but also check out the Kelty Redwing 44, which I ultimately went with after researching these packs! 

  5. Jonathon Howard

    I think these are some wonderful backpacks that are very well made. They have something to offer everyone to fit their needs no matter what kind of travel you plan to engage in and I know the nylon material is a very durable material that will withstand almost anything. I have worked with nylon a lot over the years in previous jobs. Nylon is used in a variety of things and is one of the strongest materials around. This is a great article you definitely provide a lot of helpful insight to help people find exactly what they need.  

    Great work – Jonathon

    1. Post
      Tucker Ballister

      Thanks Jonathon! These packs are definitely made to hold up for your travels all around the world! If you’re wondering how to travel more often, you should check into my other website, which offers tips for freelance writers to help others earn money online! 

  6. S.J

    I found your review very useful and informative. I like traveling and I am always looking for quality products. The Osprey Farpoint 80 features are very good. I like the colour of the bag and the Lightwire Frame suspension system. The bag is quite spacious as well. 

    The Osprey bags have so many variety and different sizes available. 

    Thanks for sharing awesome reviews of backpacks!

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